Shamandala offers Soul Retrieval. This is provided over the course of 3 sessions. The first session includes a diagnostic journey and the taking away of unhelpful energies. This is known as Extraction.  The second consists of Retrieval, when soul pieces are returned to you. The second session concludes with an extended blessing known as word doctoring or telling your healing story. These are not mere words, but rather, by engaging you, your guides, and a deeper reality (sometimes known as non-ordinary reality, or NOR), enjoin a spiritual technology that sets you on a road of energetic healing that spreads to your physical, emotional, social and financial life. You are a collaborator in your own healing. You commit to words and actions which help the healing take root in your life.
You start preparing for your Soul Retrieval as soon as you make the appointments. 
The first 2 appointments, which are 2 hours each, are scheduled between 2-7 days apart. The third is a one hour follow up which is scheduled two weeks later.  Before or after Soul Retrieval, shorter 2 hour sessions are available by appointment, depending on your need.